Studio Calendar

Save The Date:

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  • June 6th  Summer Session Starts

  • July 4-6th  Studio Closed (no classes)

  • August 3rd Summer Session Ends


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  • August 11th FallSession Starts

  • September 5th  OPEN for classes

  • October 24th -Student Shirt Sizes Due

  • October 31st  Studio Closed (no classes)

  • November 20th-27th Studio Closed (no classes)

  • December 10th Winter Showcase!

  • December 18th-January 3rd Studio Closed (no classes)


  • January 4th  Winter Session Starts

  • March12th-19th  Studio Closed (no classes)

  • March 20th Costume Selections & student measurements Due

  • March 27th Music & Video Upload Due


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Studio Attitude & Work Ethic

Always maintain a professional attitude in dealing with students, parents and staff members. We are continually upgrading the quality of Imagery In Motion. We expect that you continually convey this desire for quality  & improvement to students and parents at all times.


Remember your attitude and work ethic has a direct influence on how students and parents perceive you and the studio (remain positive and professional at all times).

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Sub Guidelines & List
  • It is your responsibility to find your own sub when you have to take off.

  • After solidifying a sub please email/text Robert to let him know. It is imperative that we know who is subbing and when.

  • Contact sub and reconfirm the day of to ensure your class will be covered.

  • Classes failed to get covered will result in $20 doc in pay on your next paycheck


Plan your trip to the studio appropriately, allow for traffic, construction etc. Please be ready to begin at least 10 min before your class starts​.


Provide a fun approach to your class and teaching style. Remember, most of the students at the studio sign up for social skills, confidence building and fun. Please keep that in mind when conducting your class.

Arrival & Dismissal

Never begin a class late or dismiss early unless instructed by Robert or Ambrely( ie weather)


No sitting in class while you are teaching. Exception being the last 3  weeks leading up to showcase to help younger dancers understand what it will be like with you at the front)


No boyfriends, girlfriends, life partners or kids are allowed to hang out in your class while you are teaching. Special visitors must be approved by Ambrely or Robert.


Keep music age appropriate & family friendly. It's always a great idea to have playlists for your classes. This will help your classes get into a routine as well as ensure no "surprise" lyrics pop up :) Another plus for playlist is the ability to send them to a sub should you need to miss. It allows your class to continue to operate as normal as possible during the time you will miss.

Teacher/Student Relationship

Remember that there is a fine line when dealing with students and parents. They myst continue to respect you as a teacher/mentor/authority figure etc. You must maintain the teacher/student and teacher/parent relationship.


Maintain class discipline at all times. Children will take advantage of you if you let them. Find a happy medium in your discipline. If  you have a discipline problem with a child in class, don't wait contact Robert, Montoya or Ambrely (if it's a IMDC or IMD Elite dancer) We need to be able to put out small fires quickly or it will become a full on forest fire!

Telling Student/Parents Information

DO NOT tell the parents or students anything that has not been ok'd by Ambrely or Robert. DO NOT promise anything you don't know 100% about.

Studio Rooms

After your class is over & when dancers are getting their things together remind them to throw away any trash or water bottles and double check their shoes.

  • Please pick up and throw away any left trash and put left clothes and shoes in the lost and found boxes.

  • IF you have used any mats, bands, blocks etc please put them back neatly where they go.

  • Please pick up any stickers that may have fallen off and throw them away.

  • If you room has run out of tissues or  hand sanitizer, clorox wipes let us know.

Roll Sheets 

It is very important that you take roll in class each week. It helps Robert know when "Rosie" has or hasn't been in class when her mom is asking for a refund, or it's time to order costumes. 

Teacher Binders

Your teacher binders will be kept in the office. Roll sheets, absent forms, costume/measurement forms, and any studio news and important dates will be provided. Please keep your binder clean and organized.

Time Sheets

Your normal weekly hours are automatically recorded in the computer for each pay period. Payroll is done on the 5th & the 20th. If you sub a class please make sure to fill out a sub form so you will get paid. 


Wages of each employee are decided between the employee and Ambrely & Robert. This amount is not to be discussed with any of your colleagues.

Social Media

Please be careful of how you represent yourself on social media. Our students (and parents) are constantly on social media platforms and can be easily influenced by what they see.

  •  Please keep pictures, words, posts, music etc appropriate on public accounts.

  •  If your page is private and you feel it does not represent an extension of our studio or values, please do not add students or parents (even if they have requested) This is to protect not only your privacy, but our studio.

  • Please do not request to follow students or parents and refrain from DM's


While employed at Imagery In Motion, or after leaving Imagery In Motion, for any reason, please refrain from soliciting (directly or indirectly) any student registered or once registered with Imagery In Motion for purposes of attending any other studio or forming any dance company, training program or group for any purpose.

Showcase Responsibilities
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​We will have two shows per year a Winter Show (smaller more intimate) and end of the Year Spring Showcase (finale). Please use your creativity to think of fun, clean combos for your classes to show off their skills.

Formations & Lines: 

Each dancer should have a turn to be in the "front". Rotate your lines and formations so every dancer may be seen at some point.

Entrances & Exits:

Please have all dancers start on stage and exit after hitting an ending pose. This will give parents time to take a picture of their dancers at the begging and the end.

Time Limit:

All dances should be a minimum of 2min and max of 3min.


Please be mindful of your music and keep music age appropriate and family friendly.

Showcase Attendance:

Teachers are required to attend their classes the week going into showcase (unless it's due to an unforeseen circumstance or illness.) Please avoid any absences leading up to the showcase as much as possible. Should you fall ill  the day of the show, please let us know so we can get your classes covered during the run of the show.


Dancers will receive a winter show shirt, so no costumes or measurements will be needed during the winter show. Dancers will wear costumes during our final Spring Showcase. Please refer to the measurement chart and costume info, how to videos and deadlines below.

T-shirt sizes for Winter Showcase are due: October 24th 2022


Measurements & costume selections for Spring Showcase are due:

March 20th 2023



Costume Instructions:

  • Measure your dancers in class using the guidelines below (or refer to the staff login page for video).

  • After measurements are taken size your dancers using the sizing chart below. (Outside of class, please do not take up class time)

  • Go to  and select in stock costumes.

  • Write down item number and color. Double check that ALL of your dancers sizes are available.  

  • Go by the girth measurement first, as this is the most important when fitting costumes.

  • Make sure to read description to see what is included. (Some won’t come with hats, skirts gloves etc)

  • Please find 3 options that will work. We when go to order costumes, more times than not, costumes are only available in certain colors or sizes.  We will try our best to fulfill your choices but if we are unable to we will make  the final selection.

  • Please do not show dancers or parents your costumes until the day of costume pick up. This is set inplace on the chance that none of the options are available and we had to go with a choice that would work. It is very important that the dancers are excited about their costumes. The best way for them to be excited is to keep it a "surprise" until pick up day.

Costume Selection Video

Class Syllabus