IMD Elite Peanuts
  • Dancers age 5-7

  • These dancers take 2.5 to 3 hours of dance per week

  • Competes one dance mandatory

  • Will Attend 4 Regional Competitions Locally

  • Tuition is $2100 annually and is broken down to $175 per month July to June

  • Requires a $200 team deposit at time of acceptance of offer to team

  • Monthly Team Dues paid August - May $115 per month

  • Team Dues include Competition entry fees, costumes, choreography, rehearsals, and other studio fees.

  • Team Pack for new members $180 Order due July 25th

    • Team Jacket​

    • Team Bag

    • T-shirt

  • Any other team apparel can be ordered and purchased​

IMD Elite Team
  • Dancers ages 6-19

  • These dancers take between 9-16 hours of classes per week. (3-4 days during the week(M-f)

  • Competes 2 dances (Production and Large Group) mandatory and may audition for more.

  • Will Attend 3 Regional Conventions locally.

  • Will compete at 4 Regional Competitions locally.

  • Will travel to nationals in the summer or in case of pandemic virutally

  • Tuition is $3420 Annually will be paid monthly July-June @ $285 per month.

  • Requires a $400 Deposit due upon acceptance of offer to join

  • Monthly team dues paid August-May

    • Petites ages 6-8 $175 per month

    • Juniors Ages 9-11 $180 per month

    • Teen/Sr Ages 12+ $185 per month

  • May Audition for extra dances with each additional dance add $67 per month.

  • Includes Competition entry fees, costumes, choreography, nationals, and other studio fees.

  • Team Pack for new members $180 order due by July 25th

    • Team Jacket

    • Team Bag

    • T-shirt

  • Any team apparel will be ordered and is not included in budget


IMD Elite Team Commitments

Summer intensives will run July 12th- August 5th Dancers

Our dance season is pretty much year round, however we do have a busy time of year.  January and February are busy months with weekend rehearsals.  Your dancer would be required to attend on Saturdays most every weekend during these two months.  Attendance is required and should not be missed for anything.  If you have conflicts during these times please let us know ASAP as missing rehearsals could affect your dancers placement on the team.  The week of competition is a very important week for your dancers to work together towards putting their best foot forward on stage that weekend.  We require all dancers be in attendance to all Classes and rehearsals.  Any missed classes or rehearsals could affect your dancers placement on the team.  

We will have regular classes all the way up to the week prior to nationals, during that week we will hold a week of themed prep rehearsals.  Attendance is mandatory for this week of prep rehearsals no exceptions. Should our studio have to close due to pandemic all classes will switch to virtual classes.

Cancelation Penalty For All Teams

  Placements on our competitive teams is a commitment for the dancer, teachers, and parents.  We are committed to providing the best possible experience for your dancers.  Any changes to the team after we start causes lots of issues with restaging dances finding replacement dancers and additional costs to the studio.  Because of this we ask that before you accept your invitation to take part on one of our teams that you are 100% up to the task.  Dropping off the team for any reason including school conflicts, injuries, or moving will incur a $300 penalty to your account on the day of notice of withdrawal along with any fees that are still due which have already been paid for on our behalf.  Please make sure your dancer is committed to our teams for the duration of the year.  IMD Elite Start Date is July 1st and IMDC is June 1st, any drops after these dates incur the penalty.  Once the year begins your commitment will end at the end of the year May 31 for IMDC and June 30th for IMD Elite.

In the occurrence of pandemic we will continue to run our season as best we can to uphold our commitment to our dance families. Classes and rehearsals will switch to a virtual platform as well as competitions/conventions. We will strive to keep our team bonds strong and offer a sense of  routine and normalcy for our dancers.

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