Under the direction of Ms. Montoya Livingston technique, teamwork, commitment, positivity and inclusion makes this team one of a kind!  


IMDC is the perfect team for dancers ages 7-13yrs in preparation for middle/high school dance and drill teams.

Dancers have the opportunity to train in all styles of dance from ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary and hip hop. While working on specific dance and drill team styles as  pom and kick. 

IMDC Team Commitments

Our dance season will run from June 1st - May 31st and will have Saturday rehearsals scheduled one Saturday per month throughout the year.  IMDC participates in local craft fairs and performances as well as competing in February, March, and April.  Attendance is taken very serious as we want our dancers putting their best foot forward during every performance.  Too many missed classes and rehearsals will lead to demerits and could lead to probation and being pulled from performances

IMDC Team Info

·      Dancers ages 7-13yrs

·      These dancers take between 5-8 hours per week.

·      Competes 2 - 3 dances

·      Will attend 3 Regional Competitions locally.

·      Tuition is $295 per month

·      Team deposit of $200 due upon acceptance of invitation to the team

·      Team Dues $85-$115 per month paid August-May


· Includes competition entry fees, costumes, choreography, and other studio fees.

·      Team Pack for new members $185 order due July 25th

.  Team Jacket

.  Team Bag

.  T-shirt

·      Will require showcase costume for each non- rehearsal class at $75 each due by

 February 15.


·      Any team apparel will be ordered and is not included in budget.  

Cancelation Penalty for all Teams

  Placements on our competitive teams is a commitment for the dancer, teachers, and parents.  We are committed to providing the best possible experience for your dancers.  Any changes to the team after we start causes a lot of issues with restaging dances, finding replacement dancers, and additional costs to the studio.  Because of this we ask that before you accept your invitation to take part on one of our teams that you are 100% up to the task.  Dropping off the team for any reason including school conflicts, injuries, or moving will incur a $300 penalty to your account on the day of notice of withdrawal along with any fees that are still due which have already been paid for on our behalf.  Please make sure your dancer is committed to our teams for the duration of the year.  IMD Elite Start Date is July 1st and IMDC is June 1st.  Any drops after these dates incur the penalty.  Once the year begins your commitment will end at the end of the year May 31st for IMDC and June 30th for IMD Elite.

*In the case of building closure due to pandemic all rehearsals and classes will continue online. Competitions/conventions will be held virtually. We will continue to keep your dancers  moving and offer a sense of routine and normalcy.